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Take a Bite Out of This Cornucopia of Knowledge-The Ultimate Compact for America Article Aggregation

So you wanted a convenient aggregation of educational articles to learn more about the Compact for a Balanced Budget? Here's our best crack at it. Enjoy!


Get the facts showing that the current national debt situation is the worst ever in the history of the country here.


Why the Compact's BBA is best.

The case for the Compact's BBA making a difference despite the federal government's lack of respect for the Constitution.

Why National Security requires the Compact's BBA here and here.

Here's why the Compact's BBA will stop the bailouts.

Why the Compact's BBA can solve the Rubik's Cube of Federal Debt policy here.

The case for Monetarists, Keynesians and Austrians uniting behind the Compact's BBA is here.

Why the Compact's BBA is politically plausible.


Why a Compact fulfills the Founders' promise that the States could check and balance Washington with constitutional amendments.

How the Compact for a Balanced Budget empowers the States to out-maneuver Congress.

Why the Compact approach to Article V is an upgrade from the non-compact approach.

Facts showing that an Article V convention was not meant to be an impossible obstacle course.

Proof that the States have the power to target the Article V convention to specific amendments because of the meaning of the word "Application."

Questions that generate answers showing that the Compact properly constrains the deliberation of an Article V convention.

Proof that an agreement among the states to generate constitutional amendments was anticipated by the Founders.

Why the Compact approach to Article V is the best approach to achieve a BBA in the near term.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

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